Dosage and direction for usage:

With enclosed measuring cup: unless otherwise prescribed:

Small children (2 - 5 years) take 2.5 ml 2 times daily.
School children (6 - 9 years) and adolescents (> 10 years) take 5 ml 3 times daily.
 Adults take 5 - 7.5 ml of solution 3 times daily.
 Shake the bottle well each time before use!

Precautions and Warning:

In the event of fructose intolerance, treatment should be carried out only after consultation with a doctor.

Pregnancy and breast-feeding: medicines should generally be taken during pregnancy and breast-feeding only after having previously consulted a doctor.

In rare cases, Biorelixit Cough Syrup may have a laxative effect due to the content of sorbitol in the product.

Don’t use for children less than 2 years.

Concomitant use with antitussive such as codeine or dextromethorphane is not recommended without medical device.

Caution is recommended in patients with gastritis or gastric ulcer.

Biorelixit liquefies mucus, relaxes convulsive cough and calms coughing. In this way, Biorelixit combats the typical complaints of bronchitis: increased formation of viscous mucus, shortness of breath and irritation of the throat. Troublesome and painful coughing is calmed, but not blocked, which is important for being able to cough up the mucus and thereby allow for trouble-free deep breathing.

Natural Ivy.

For hundreds of years, many people have trusted in the effective healing power of wild-growing medicinal ivy for the treatment of inflammatory illnesses of the respiratory tract. The handed down knowledge has been used by Bio Pharma Egypt and further developed during years of intensive research. The result is the original of an ivy extract, which is manufactured using a special procedure and which is contained in all Biorelixit preparations. The pure force of medicinal ivy is thus able to be used optimally and in a modem way with Biorelixit.


In Case of Cough


Bottle of [100 ml] syrup.


Store below 30O C.
Biorelixit Cough Syrup should not be used after the expiry date.